Sights and Sounds of Revolutionary Egypt

The Egyptian Revolution captured the world's attention. Many analysts believe former President Hosni Mubarak to be too strong to fall under pressure from street protests. But over time, his power crumbled.

Today, we're happy to present a glimpse at revolutionary Egypt. Presented below are a selection of chants compiled by the Moroccan journal الملتقى and published in their January-February issue.

These chants capture the emotions that drove Egyptians by the millions into the streets to protest a regime which they felt had weakened and shamed their nation. 

They remind us of the Revolution's true intentions and motivations, which have been muddled in the post-revolutionary tension and unrest that still plagues Egypt.

Alongside these words we present a selection of gripping photographs taken by freelance photographer Ronch Willner, currently in Egypt as part of his tour of the Arab World. You can see more of his photos and follow his journeys at

ثورة ثورة يا شباب ع الأوضاع الهباب
Oh youth: revolution, revolution against our fucked up situation!

بطل تمشي جنب الحيط، أصل سكوتك مش حيفيد
Hey hero, you're ignoring us. Being silent doesn't help us.

 لو دلوقتني قفلتوا عيونكم، الضاحية الجاية عيالكم
If you close your eyes this time, the next victims will be your family.

هو مبارك عايز إيه كل الشعب يبوس رجليه؟
لا يا مبارك، مش هنبوس، بكرة الشعب عليك هيدوس
Does Mubarak want all of the people to kiss his feet?
No, Mubarak, we won't kiss your feet! Tomorrow the people will walk over you.

يا جمال قول لأبوك شعب مصر بيكرهوك
Oh Gamal [Mubarak], tell your father, "The Egyptian people hate you!"

ثورة مصر جايه جايه، بالعدالة و الحرية
The Egyptian Revolution is coming in the name of Justice and Freedom.

ارفع كل رايات النصر، إحنا شباب هنحرر مصر
Raise the victory flags! We, the youth, will liberate Egypt!

الشعب و الجيش إيد واحدة
The People and the Army are one.

الجيش المصري جيشنا و مبارك مش رئيسنا
The Egyptian Army is our Army, but Mubarak is not our President.

يا سوزان قولي لابنك، مصر هتبقى سجنه و سجنك
Oh Suzanne [Mubarak], tell your son that Egypt will be his prison and yours as well.

هما بيلبسوا آخر موضة، واحنا بنسكن عشرة في أوضة
They wear the latest fashions while we live ten to a room.

 حسني مبارك بره بره ... سيب بلدنا حرة حرة
Hosni Mubarak flee, flee ... leave our country free, free.

بسم العشرة مليون عاطل، حكم حسني مبارك باطل
In the name of the ten million unemployed, Hosni Mubarak's government is broken.

الشعب مل، الشعب مل، و التغيير هو الحل
The people are fed up, the people are fed up, and change is the solution.

مصر حرة و مبارك برة
Egypt is free, now Mubarak get the hell out!

Special thanks to Said Illahiane for his help in selecting and translating the slogans.