Moroccan Arabic Lesson: The, This and That


Like Standard Arabic, "the" in Moroccan Arabic is expressed using the definite article al ال. This is pronounced like a plain l:

مشى ل المدينة اليوما
msha li lmedina lyoma 

He went to town today.

شرات الخبز من محمد
shrat lkhobz mn Mohammed 

She bought bread from Mohammed.

سد الباب عفاك
sidd lbab 3fak. 

Close the door, please.

This and That

Here are Moroccan Arabic's demonstrative pronouns:

this (m) hada - هدا
this (f) hadi - هدي
these hado - هدو
that (m) hadak - هداك 
that (f) hadik - هديك 
those hadok - هدوك 

هدوك للي كيغوّتو في الشوارع مساخيط
hadok lli kayghawwato fi lshwari3 masakhit

Those who yell in the streets are rascals.

When used as adjectives along with nouns, these are shortened:

this (m) had - هد
this (f) hadi - هدي
these hado - هدو
that (m) dak -  داك
that (f)  dik ديك

those dok -  دوك

هد الكتاب ديالو
had lkitab dialo

This book is his


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