Moroccan Arabic Lesson: To have

To Have

Like Standard Arabic, the preposition 3nd عند means "to have" in Moroccan Arabic:

I have 3ndi - عندي
You (m.) have 3ndik - عندك
You (f.) have 3ndik - عندك
She has 3ndha - عندها
He has 3ndho - عنده
We have 3ndna - عندنا
You (pl.) have 3ndkom - عندكم
They have 3ndhom - عندهم

عندي جوج خوتي
3ndi jouj khoti 

I have two brothers.

ماعندكمش داكشي للي بغيت
ma3ndkomsh dakshi lli bghit 

You (pl.) don't have what I want.


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