Moroccan Arabic Lessons

Moroccan Arabic, or darija, is widely considered the most difficult Arabic dialect to learn. But don't fear, our Moroccan Arabic lessons make darija clear even to beginning Arabic students.

We provide word by word translations and transcriptions of Moroccan TV shows and films, allowing students of all levels to learn by watching and listening to Moroccans speak darija naturally and authentically.

These lessons are designed for beginning, intermediate and advanced Arabic students who know the Arabic alphabet and basic Arabic grammar. No experience with Moroccan Arabic is necessary.

Video Lessons:

Beginner Videos
  • I'd love to... In this video, a Moroccan woman explains how she'd love to save money to visit her daughter abroad.
  • Is Marriage Necessary? In this video, a Moroccan woman answers the question of whether marriage is necessary.
  • Good Morning! In this film clip, a mother gets her son out of bed and goes through her morning routine.
Advanced Videos
  • Is this the End? In this video, an old Moroccan man and woman reflect on reaching their Golden Years and what their future has in store.
  • I love the Rain In this film clip, a blind Moroccan woman describes how she relies on her sense of smell.
  • Ramadan's Importance In this video, a young Moroccan discusses the religious and spiritual benefits of Ramadan
Review Materials:

Verb Tenses

New lessons are added regularly, so be sure to be sure to follow our blog!


  1. This is a brilliant site ! I have been struggling with learning darija for twenty years. The videos with transcriptions are going to be a huge help. Maybe I'll at long last be able to make some headway! Thank you so much for this resource.

  2. I agree. This site is a rare gem in the great vacuum of Darija resources!

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  4. I would love some more far the best thing I found online for darija. Very good to study with a transcript

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  6. These are really, really helpful! Thank you so much, keep them coming :))