Moroccan Arabic Lesson: I've Never

"I've never…"

The preposition 3mmer with pronoun suffix and used with a past tense verb means "ever" and it's negative form means "never". It is negated just with ma. This is similar to 3mri ma عمري ما as used in other Arabic Dialects:

I've ever 3mmerni - عمّرني
You've (m.) ever 3mmrek - عمّرك
You've (f.) ever 3mmrek - عمّرك
She's ever 3mmerha - عمّرها
He's ever 3mmro - عمّرو
We've ever 3mmerna - عمّرنا
You've (pl.) ever 3mmerkom - عمّركم 
They've ever 3mmerhom - عمّرهم

واش عمّرك مشيتي فاس؟
wash 3mmerik mshiti fes? 

Have you ever been to Fes?

When negated, 3mmer expresses never having done something:

ما عمّرني كليت الحوت
ma3mmerni klit l7ot. 

I've never eaten fish.


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