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The Armchair Arabist now features Moroccan Arabic lessons!

Each lesson features word by word transcriptions and translations of Moroccan television and film clips, giving students of all levels the opportunity to learn authentic Moroccan Arabic speech one word at a time.

Check out our lessons below and marhbabikom!

Moroccan Arabic Lesson: I've Got Nothing to Say About It (VIDEO)

This is a video clip from a documentary that aired on Moroccan television which interviewed several Moroccans in their 60s about life, society and their hopes for the future.

In this clip, our speaker is commenting on Morocco's development and her participation in society and politics.

This clip features a lot of good beginner vocabulary and expressions.

Click below for a word by word translation of this video and an explanation of key vocabulary words.


Moroccan Arabic Lesson: Changing Your Point of View

Today's clip is from the Moroccan web series "Wake up!" featuring Ilyas Sheikh Sar. This clip is taken from an episode explaining the importance of Prayer in Islam. In this section, Sheikh Sar explains that it's our perspective towards something that defines how much we enjoy it that thing. This clip features a lot of excellent vocabulary and phrases.

The language in this clip is as typically Moroccan as one can find. Try watching the video several times and repeating the sentences after Sheikh Sar has said them to try and pick up the rhythm of Moroccan speech.

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Moroccan Arabic Lesson: Good Morning!

Today's clip is from the Moroccan film The Second Marriage (2011). The film portrays Habiba, a widow, as she adjusts to normal life after mourning her husbands' passing. In this clip, she wakes up her youngest son, Ghali, to ask him to accompany her on a walk along the beach. The video introduces us to important everyday vocabulary, like: "to wake up", "to sleep", "get up", "laundry", and "please".


Moroccan Arabic Lesson: Ramadan's Importance

Today's clip is from the Moroccan web series "Wake up!" featuring Sheikh Sar Ilyas. Sheikh Sar is a rapper and rising star among young, religiously conscious Moroccans. This clip is taken from the introductory episode of his web series which aired this past Ramadan. It features a nice discussion of the importance of Ramadan.

Sheikh Sar speaks clearly, and uses an accent and cadence that is typical to young Moroccans. Try listening to the video multiple times and repeat each sentence after him to try to pick up the rhythm of Moroccan speech.

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