Moroccan Arabic Lesson: Yours, Mine and Ours

Possession: Yours, Mine and Ours

In Moroccan Arabic, possession is usually expressed using the word diyal - ديال. The person who is the possessor is indicated by the pronoun suffix attached to diyal:

Mine: diyali - ديالي
Yours (m.): diyalik - ديالك
Yours (f.): diyalik - ديالك
Hers: diyalha - ديالها
*His: diyalo - ديالو
Ours: diyalna - ديالنا
Yours (pl.): diyalkom - ديالكم
Theirs: diyalhom - ديالهم

Diyal can be used on its own or with subject pronouns, and functions like the idafa in Classical Arabic:

ها هو كتاب ديالي
ha howa kitab diyali

This is my book.

مايعجبنيش داكشي ديال بسالة للي عندك
may3jbnish dakshi diyal bsala lli 3ndak

I don't like your silliness.

Possessive subject pronouns are also used as suffixes with verbs and with some nouns, like we find in Classical Arabic:

داري دارك
dari darik

My house is your house.


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