"That which" and "Those who"

"That which", "He who", etc.

In Moroccan Arabic the pronoun lli للي is the relative pronoun and is the same for male, female, singular and plural nouns. It is identical to illi as found in other Arabic dialects. 

واش هو للي شفتيه البارح؟
wash howa lli shoftiho lbari7? 

Is he the one you saw yesterday?

كاينين للي هما مزيانين و كاينين للي هما خيبين
kainin lli homa mzianin w kainin lli homa khaibin

There are those who are good and there are those who are bad.

كان باغي يشري القميص للي شافه البارح
kan baghi yshri lqamis lli shafho lbari7

He wanted to buy the shirt he saw yesterday.


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